Friday, March 11, 2011

~away time~

are you sick of the basketball pictures yet?? honestly this will be it...for awhile
until next season :)
we had to travel a couple hours from home a couple weeks ago for this tournament,
so we decided to make a little "getaway-trip" out of the deal
just some small fun like...
*staying in hotel
*dining at red lobstah (as my family in maine would say...lobstah)
*a little bit of shopping at the mall
*and getting to SLEEP IN UNTIL ALMOST 7:00 A.M.

kids impressed with the WHOLE strawberry in their drink at red lobster.
almost to the point they didn't want to touch it.

brady doing some laps at the hotel.
pool to ourselves...what more could we ask for?
dad/hubby hanging out pool side.

brooke suddenly camera shy
see not so shy moments HERE.

brady jumping in pool for the 100th time.

love these short little getaways...
they don't happen often enough.....

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