Monday, March 28, 2011

~a few turkeys~

saturday i went to work with chuck for a few hours.
 he had to go out to the lake and fix a couple of pumps so i agreed to ride along.
how pretty is the lake when it's cold out?
ice on the trees i love.
(even though i hate cold weather)
as we were headed out there i noticed two turkeys
(i'm thinking it was a husband and wife team)
i was wishing i had my camera and my husband was wishing he had his rifle
how different are we?
chuck reminded me of how i like turkey to eat.
i told him true, but i don't like to think of how it got to my table.

i talked chuck into taking a different shot of the animal this time.
one that was harmless to these turkeys.

(i must say i hate cell phones as they are always ringing at my house. but they are good when you're missing your camera)

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