Tuesday, August 24, 2010


today i was reminded of things i feel sorry for...and a funny thing brady said after his hair cut about a year ago. after we got his haircut, we stopped at the pet store because that's what we do to entertain ourselves and plus brady LOVES animals. snakes, spiders, dragons, dinosaurs, sharks and he loves learning about animals. anyway (this was suppose to be a short story:) ) this is what he said to me a year ago as we left the pet store.

"mom, don't you feel sorry for the tarantula at the pet store??"

I was beginning to think this kid could not be my son. I responded with something like this..

"uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnnooooooooooo!"

but tonight as my son lays shivering on the couch from a fever he's trying to break, i do feel sorry for my boy. :( third day of school and already was sent home with a fever. also had 3 others who went in nurses room only to be sent home. so i guess you can say school has began and so has the sharing of sicknesses. yippee. poor guy.....

i bet my son wishes i was so sorry i'd go buy that tarantula he wanted, but there are just some things a mother can't handle living under the same roof with and a pet tarantula would be one of them. he did get McDonald's though. that's something i could do to make him feel a bit better.

saying a little prayer that in the morning brady's temp is gone and he's feeling like himself again.

by the way the doctor said no school until his fever is gone and brady responded with

"i have football tonight" :)

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