Wednesday, August 11, 2010

they're little carnival detectives.

yet another carnival has arrived in our small town.
yet again i fail to keep the information from my kids.
it's like kids can smell the thing coming from a mile away.
they told me it was here, before the trucks even found the fair grounds.
fair food, fair rides, fair fun.
and my kids expect me to take them....
wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday.
(kids these days, so demanding sometimes)
they again will probably get there way....
some pictures of last years carnival
dad tying shoes tight so they don't get caught somewhere they shouldn't

brooke and friend stuck in the ski...giggling.

brady getting on ride...(what a handsome fellow the child of mine.)
note to brady: boy don't ride to many of the rides that spin because remember last time
you up-chucked by the end of the night. pace yourself

p.s. last year brady won a hermit crab. (we could've bought the thing at a pet store for 5.00 but it was more fun spending 50 some dollars on it to finally win it.) anyways so i tell my friend it lasted like 2 days before it died and brady walked in the room so I had to confirm that.
Me: "buddy didn't your hermit crab from last year only last like 2 days."
Brady: "no it lasted a whole week"
now that's worth the 50.00 for the smelly, creepy, thing!

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