Friday, August 13, 2010

a year already without her...

wow. can you believe my grandma has been gone a year now
it seems like yesterday when i rec'd the call.
were does the time go??
pictured here: my brother josh (and yes beau below trying to get his nose in the photo:) ) me, my kids, brooke and brady and my grandma Pearl.
this was taking christmas 2006 in Maine while my husband was in Iraq.
same visit. grandma doing what she did for loved ones.
(can you believe she is 95 in this picture. just beaming and beautiful)
and yes we were having Lobstah!! Maine Lobstah.

i also can't believe we've lost 2 more special people in my family since.
my other grandma and my father both in May this year.
it's been tough, but lots of love looking down from heaven now.

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