Monday, August 9, 2010

soap box races

i never heard of soap box racing before coming to nebraska
i'm sure it's been around but's big
they had races this weekend and here are a few pictures of brady's friends doing it.
seems fun to build your own car and try to make it faster then the other kids
so why you ask haven't my kids joined???
well it is time consuming and does cost to travel and compete
and by gollie jee with all the things going on now already with my two.
i'm out of time, money, gas, patience, energy, sleep, coffee, etc.
i feel the need to explain as people keep asking when i'm entering my kids.
and i think never is the answer. sorry to be a party pooper.
and thanks for inviting me to watch your kids race
{that part i do enjoy. cheering your kids on along side you}
a funny side note: since they notice our kids are not racing and we may be available during races,
they have asked if we will work the concession stand. it's been awhile since i flipped burgers, plus i'm tired. but always feel guilted into helping.

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