Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lots on my mind these days

1. school starts tomorrow..will i have to force my kids to get out of bed on time each morning?
or to remind them everyday that they have to do their homework before they play? or remind them they cannot bring kids over while we are at work? all of these stress me at this time of year.

2. why work keeps stressing me out. seems the inventory's always off. seems no one knows how to communicate anymore on what they need and when and how many. seems everyone here now is starting to annoy me??

3. wondering if the reason everyone is annoying me lately is really something inside of me??

(do i need medication for the hysterctomy i just had this year at 33 years old)

4. why sometimes this year i've felt so blessed and other times i feel so angry and let down. (maybe this goes back to #3)

5. cell phones!!!why didn't i realize getting my kids cell phones was not a good decision even if everyone else is doing it?? i'm worried my daughter might have carpel tunnel someday as much as she is texting. (i am on her daily about the amount of time she spends doing this) threatening to take it away each time and them feeling bad because she crys at the thought of not having one. it would've been easier to just not have givin in to letting her have one in the first place, and i'm stupid for not realizing that sooner. P.S i didn't have my first cell phone until i was 26 years old and only use mine for if i travel and get stranded somewhere for instance.

6. frustrated on why some parents don't stay out of kid drama at school and feel the need to call me and my pastor everytime my girl messes up.

7. so thrilled i have a PPF .....{pony pal forever}.... (her name is Kerri) she's always there for me.

8. And Brady...is he really entering middle school this year (6th grade)...he's my baby boy and he's bigger than me and wears a size 10 1/2 in mens shoe. dear brady's feet, you can stop growing now before my mom has to pay to much for shoes. he's such a sweetheart.

9. And Brooke...is she really in her last year of middle school and next year will be a high schooler. the thought just makes my stomach ache. my first born and yes she has out grown me too. i am now considered the short one in the family. but how cool is this.....we wear the same size shoe, so when i want to feel cool i can borrow her shoes and be in the "in crowd" cool for me but for brooke not so much. she's such a sweetheart.

10. And Chuck... my husband of almost 14 years...(i still at times refer to him as my third child) he works so hard between his full time job, and national guards and is tired at times, but still finds time to do things with us and makes everyone feel safe and happy. and sometimes i have little patience with this man but i love him dearly. he puts up with my crankyness, and me when i'm not so lovely to put up with. when i pout and scream at the kids because they don't listen to me, when i can't keep up with full time job, kids activities, and keeping the laundry done and a house clean....he understands and says it's alright. and he's right.

11. hoping my wedding gift gets here in time for the wedding this weekend. so fair it hasn't shown up

12. trying to get things in order for my silpada party i'm having monday. what finger foods i should make and drinks should i serve.

13. headed to chiropractor again today, hoping that it's helping my back and not hurting it more.

lots going on with me inside and out.


Huskerbabe said...

#4. Give yourself a break girlie! You've had a rough year. Not only are you dealing with wacky hormone levels, you've also lost 2 people who were dear to you. There are going to be many highs and lows. Just remember what Cori TenBoom said....There is no valley so deep that your God cannot find you.

Love you Julie, you are a special lady.

The Roberts said...

Thanks Kris. You're too kind. Missed you at bible study. I think I'm going to like the new book we started. Hurry back! :)