Sunday, January 30, 2011

~sweetheart dance towards DC~

 brooke's headed to DC in may and the trip will cost over 1800.00 for her to go. we decided to do a sweetheart dance for one of her fundraisers and it was an amazing turnout. over 100 kids came all dressed up with or without dates. we charged 3.00 to get into the dance from 7 to 11 p.m. (the first time i checked my clock i was sure it was almost 11 and it read 7:30) what a long night. but the kids were all great and fun to be around. brooke raised 528.00 in one night. great fundraiser. i'm friends with a lot of these kids on facebook and it was fun the next day seeing comments on their walls about how much fun they had.

 brooke and will

 the dance floor

 some more of the dance floor and girls talking (what we do best)

 brooke after the dance with some boys still hanging out.

 having a dance off

will, david, trenton, colton, walker, brody, gunner, and austin.
these fellas had some interesting fashion.

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