Thursday, January 27, 2011

~before they danced~

 i remember being in middle school and we would find any reason to go to our girlfriends house to hang out and do our hair and make-up....listen to music. loud music.
and so it starts with my daughter. before they danced the other night at half time, they all met up
at one of their friends house to get ready.
to get dressed,  do hair,  put on make-up
or to just get all fired up and just be together
maybe a little talk of boys, who knows?

its neat though seeing brooke do what i use to do so many years ago as a middle schooler.
hopefully some things she won't attempt to repeat though. like my mistakes.
mistakes we all wish we could take back or do over, because if given a "do-over" we would
have done it so much different now. now that we know....what our parents knew all along.

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