Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i've been eating alot of these lately. so as you can guess my breath probably smells times.
anyway i've always wanted a easier way of getting garlic in your system because it's suppose to be good for you, but it's too hard to get it down on it's own.

 they say (who's they anyway) it's good for:
  1. lowering the risk of heart disease
  2. helps manage high cholesterol
  3. acts as a natural mosquito repellent (for obvious reasons)
i'm sure it's good in other ways i can't think of right now.
these are pretty tasty, if you are a olive kind of person
i get them at our local grocery store
but can be ordered here

our you could eat them roasted. like shown here by pioneer woman i've made them using her
recipe and they are so good alone or for use with other dishes.


Huskerbabe said...

I've heard that garlic has natural antibiotic properties too. We used to put garlic oil in our kids ears when they had earaches...worked like a charm.

The Roberts said...

I never knew garlic oil could help an earache..brady still gets one from time to time but mostly they have grown out of that "stage" but very good to know.