Thursday, August 2, 2012

~on cloud 9~

is where my daughter was this past weekend. CLOUD 9. she is a lover of mister peyton manning and since he now plays for denver we decided to attend one of the broncos practices. which was a great idea since brooke was able to get her favorite sports players autograph. she is no longer wearing the shirt he signed or using the marker he wrote with. (pretty serious stuff) it made our day to sit in the 100 plus degree temps to watch one of her dreams come true.

peyton knows. just ask her.

dad and daughter getting first look at the broncos this season.

the man himself.
brooke is in the mess somewhere along with brady.
i chose to stay out of it:) and look from a far.
brady was not as excited as his sister(which surprised me)
but he came out with champ bailey's autograph.
he did think that was pretty cool.
i think brady wanted to find our hotel with the AC on high.
it was a HOT one.

p.s. it did surprise me how many adults pushed the kids around just to get a autograph. i was almost scared of letting my two in there. adults:  sometimes we need to step back and let our kids enjoy our dreams.

a fun day for sure.

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