Thursday, August 9, 2012

~more us

it's a rare thing when i find something i really, really like (craft wise) and try it. but i did try making this bath sign pictured above, that i placed above our main bathroom. i found this idea here and absolutely loved the idea. it was so amazingly cheap to make too. i also made one for the kitchen and plan to make one for our office once our office looks more like a office.
we are getting more color in the house. now instead of every wall being white, we only have a few rooms that remain white. this is a photo of the colors we decided to do in the spare bedroom upstairs. one of our quests liked it so much they went home and painted their living room the same exact color. the wife was happy the husband not so much, since it caused more work for him. the house is becoming more and more us as we've lived here a year now. CAN YOU BELIEVE WE'VE LIVED HERE A YEAR NOW? me either. i only wish we could have done more to the outside but it was just to hot to work in most days. maybe closer to fall we'll get doing more of that stuff. until than i'm decorating the inside.:) central air is nice.

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