Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012-2013 first day....

brooke's first day as a sophomore :( it doesn't seem possible she's this old already.
speaking of old already... my baby below....:(

this years will be his last year of middle school.
which means this year he's
maybe that's why the serious face in the photo.
i remember those days when you were the top grade of the school.
you thought you owned the place.

hoping this year brings:

  1. -a patient mom
  2. -no drama
  3. -little stress
  4. -great grades
  5. -fun with sports
  6. -great school year
  7. -new friends
  8. -memories that will last a lifetime
  9. -patient kids
  10. -lovable teachers ( these guys and gals must have patience)

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