Wednesday, August 8, 2012

just weekend drills

for all of this girls life her dad has been leaving on weekends once a month(sometimes more)he's done two tours to iraq one that lasted 10 months in 2003 and one that lasted 15 months in 2006. these weekend drills are much easier to take. i've told myself i've told him i don't know if i can take another one. is that selfish or what? lets just hope and pray as he is reaching his "almost 20 year" mark that we will not have to go through it again. but if the time comes, i realize this is what he signed up to do so many years ago. he was 18 years old when he signed to protect his country. he says he hopes in him going it will prevent someday his children having to go. but for now we are thankful for just the weekend drills. AND THANKFUL FOR OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVE. GOD BLESS YOU.

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