Tuesday, May 18, 2010

welcome home.

we are getting closer and closer to being unpacked and get things put away! ya!
things i'm loving about the new home are....
2 bathrooms
a kitchen with more cabinets and space
bay window to set plants or junk
steps up to the front door
(exspecially during Halloween so i can decorate with pumpkins)
a basement
(i lived without one in our old house for 14 years, so you can imagine the excitement)
a big back yard
privacy fence around the back yard
the paint and colors chosen for the rooms
i'm so close to safeway that i can walk to get a few groceries if needed
(my son informed me i can even go for the whole grocery list and just drive the shopping cart all the way home and return it when i was done. i'm thinking i wouldn't be caught dead doing that. I mean come on i know people and they may think i've gone mad)
i live in walking distance to rec center and a outdoor track (no excuses now huh?)
my children can walk to the middle school
yes they both will be in middle school next year:(
plenty of planting room outside for flowers :)
i have a laundry room that is just that.
(last home our only bathroom was also the laundry room)
the bedrooms are all good size
things i could do without about the new home....
big backyard (mowing)
being close to middle school
(imagine all the friends they will bring home)
being so close to rec center and outdoor track
(now i have no excuse for being fat and lazy)
our neighbors on the right plays in a band

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