Friday, May 21, 2010

ohh to be young again....

so the kids are both out of school now, as of Wednesday, and already have been going crazy
we had two girls spend the night the other night and they seem to have caught every moment on camera.
i was told by them that they had too since it's the last day of school and first day of summer.
"duh mom?? GEEZ, MOM, why are you like a dork?"
brooke & kendall bowling alley
kendall even wanted a picture with brooke's dad

not sure?? don't ask.
but hey look dawn is wearing brooke's tutu from dance years ago.
cute. (and are they hopping?)

kendall, brooke, dawn

after school hang out at taco johns
(remember your main hang out as a teen?? those were the days)

taco johns
girl power hand shake (i believe)

and my mom and dad are mean because they made me finish track.
but hey we are done and we are cool.

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