Wednesday, May 12, 2010

our home and the writing on the wall.

this post is manly for my mom as i promised her pictures of the new home
please keep in mind we are no where close for everything being
in its place yet so excuse the mess.
bad picture of the downstairs living area
(i will get a better one later)

upstairs living area from the front door way

downstairs bath and shower room

brooke's walk in closet
now brooke is having trouble getting stuff
unpack and put away so the rest of her room will have to wait
she's been busy every night with band, dance classes,
choir concerts, softball practices
well you get the idea.
oh and planning her 13th birthday party which is in couple weeks.

main bath upstairs.

wall in the husbands and my room

yet another wall in our bedroom reads:
love always and forever.

on your way down stairs you have
eat. sleep. hunt. for you know who

writing on the laundry room wall:
i'm thankful for piles of laundry
it means my loved ones are nearby.
(this is hard to remember when it seems like it's never ending)
that's it for now. if you'll excuse me i'm going to go bury myself in more boxes
and try to get the place more organized for the next time you see it.

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