Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~fourteen years~

 just starting out
(chuck lost the ear ring years after this photo realizing that it truly wasn't cool)

the wedding day!
(i think i just realized what happened it this photo)

sir charles and i have had a lot to go through in our marriage
  • pregnant at young age
  • pregnant again 9 months later
  • starting broke with two kids in diapers
  • married young and realized we couldn't be immature anymore
  •  my son was lost on a freeway at 2:00 am at the age of 2 in my mother-in-laws care (this is a hard subject and i'll post more about this later but it was hard for me to forgive chuck's mom and chuck for having a mom that could let this happen) let's just say angels were watching over my son that day night!
  • been through 2 deployments one lasting 10 months and one 16 months.
  • hit a rock in our marriage where God introduced himself to my husband & brought me back to serving Him as well. (not sure why we fight this as humans and not go back on our own. instead we fight it kicking and screaming) God will win.
  • after 17 years of chuck working at the same job, i finally let him he finally was able to start his own business.
chuck and i joke alot about being married on the first day of winter being the reason
we've been through so many storms. some i haven't even listed and some being the normal everyday
oneness of being a married couple. then when i look at other marriages around us, i realize we all go through the storms of marriage and life... having and raising kids, not agreeing, agreeing just to avoid conflict, stepping on each other toes, not helping out, saying hurtful things, rolling the eyes when the others not looking, sleepless nights, going to bed mad at one another, being selfish, bringing up past issues.
(i think you can relate and even add what i've failed to mention.)
but for those of us that choose to stay married and fight the fight... it's worth it.... 100%

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