Tuesday, December 14, 2010


tresan & brooke
sometimes i hate to say it but i am kind of glad we are bringing this basketball season to a close.
my dear daughter is headed to cozad this evening to play her last game this season.
after 3 games last week and all the other activities going on right now
somethings got to give.
brooke's team wasn't so bad this year. i find it hard for me to watch her without yelling though.
it's tough to sit through a sport and not yell (i call it cheering)
"rebound"  "get the ball" "shoot"
brooke found me annoying at her game. i think she finds me annoying anyway
 i knew this because at one point she looks up to me in the stands and says "shhh!"
i then had to ask myself "am I really that bad"
i gave her the "what?? other parents are yelling" look.
brooke told me later she was annoyed by my yelling and telling her what to do because she knows
she wasn't as good as me when i played basketball.
i told her on her second game she needed to shoot more. and she did and missed every single shot.
so in the parking lot she's racing to the car upset and angry.
i say to her "what's your problem" (it's easier to talk to a 13 year old this way (at least at my house.))
she says "you told me to shoot more and i missed every single shot and made a fool of myself"
at this point she's crying as she opens the car door and slams it as she's getting in.
i open my door and get in and proceed to tell her
"if you don't ever try to shoot then how do you ever expect to make a basket??"
with tears in her eyes she says "but i'm not good like you"
i say "brooke renee (using her middle name to get her attention) i don't expect you to be like me.
i expect you to be you and do the best that you can do."
couple days later game three came and as i sat in the stands (still yelling cheering) i was frightened that
my brooke might not shoot ever again in her life and praying she give herself another try.
she shoots even more that game making 3 baskets.
two of which were 2 pointers and one 3 pointer!

another funny part to that day:
brooke's friend kendall came to watch that day and decided to leave shortly after the game started.
during a timeout kendall says to brooke...i'm leaving.
brooke questions her....you're not going to watch me?
and being the friend and jokester kendall is she tells brooke
"no, it's not like you're going to make a 3 pointer or something"
and leaves. so after the game brooke calls kendall and says guess what..i made a 3 pointer.
kendall says oh my gosh, good job. i'm so proud of you.

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