Friday, December 17, 2010

~and this weekend... we'll dance some more~

brooke age 5ish

this weekend brooke has more dance recitals. tonight in wallace and then sunday night here. luckily our saturday is free this weekend as we haven't even started to christmas shop and this is the last weekend. (i'm sure the malls will be nice and busy)  i can't believe how fast kids grow. i mean older people tell you to enjoy them while they are home, and before when i'd hear this I was like yeah ok whatever, but i'm getting it now and seeing it now. not even sure why i'd question their comment... after all they are old and have walked the path we are walking so they would know.  both kids have outgrown me (and i'm not that short myself) so looking back on old pictures is a sure reminder that time moves grow fast. (last night at her show choir concert she had make-up on and her dad about flipped out)

  age 7 ish helping the younger girls with their dance
(middle tall one)

Christmas program age 9ish

christmas program 11 ish

last year (12)

so this weekend i'm excited for new dances, new outfits, new songs, new pictures
(to add to the collection.)
 she was also asked to dance in our Christmas drama at our church last year. 
2009 recital HERE

p.s. also excited to get started and finish our Christmas shopping in one day this year.

Happy Weekend!

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