Friday, December 24, 2010

the eve of Christmas~

 the making of the gingerbread house...some memorable quotes as we cherished the moment..

i say "this is going to be good. going to look just like the picture on the box"

kids at the same time say "no it's not"

brooke says as her hands are dirty and sticking to everything "this sucks" (you got to love the spirit of the 13 year old female)

 the finished product as the kids and everyone where worn out from the stress of making in perfect and it was far from...

 i give them a A+ for team effort

 a friend of mine brought over a gift for the family i originally thought wow i love my new HUGE coffee mug
but come to find out it's a coffee canister. LOVE IT!
 here it is in comparison to my real coffee mug...i'm not addicted to starbucks or anything
 at the grocery store my son reminded me of the traditional egg nog that we need to drink this eve over the opening of ONE gift...yes one gift kids...they are asking for more... begging actually.
i reminded my kids next year we should start giving three gifts each for
christmas since it's biblical and all.
the idea stressed them a little but i use the moment to remind them how
blessed they are. we are.
i'm running up and down the stairs in hopes to lose weight to finish the laundry before
Christmas so tomorrow i can focus on Jesus, family, friends and Christmas!
as i go up and down them i notice the decorations that soon will be taking down
and stored away for yet another year.
Sad. (exspecially if you've seen Toy Story 3)
phew time moves fast.

Merry Christmas Eve, Friends!

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