Monday, June 14, 2010

a week with no kids...just me and the husband

my kiddos left this afternoon for camp maranatha
they will be gone until Saturday morning until i have to go get them
remember church camps and how unexcited you were as a kid but then when you
finally got there you had so much fun your dreaded coming home.
i hope that is the experience my kids have this weekend.
lots of water, lots of fun, lots of new friends
we were at our good friends house last night for cards and he says to my son
"Brady, no kissing on the girls at camp"
and my son says
"i can't promise anything"
this is not only funny because it comes out of the mouth of a 11 year old
but also that it comes from my son's mouth.
brady is quiet, shy and just kinda goes with the flow
so when he said this it made us all bust a gut.
maybe with the quietness around the house i can get some much need house work done!

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