Friday, June 11, 2010

summer pool days...

not sure who to give credit too for the photo, but i love it!

i grew up going to the pool all the time with my friends. around 1:00p.m when the pool opened i was in line waiting to be one of the first few kids to jump into the ice cold waters. (funny as a mom the water seems so much colder than when we were kids. or maybe being a kid we just didn't care) the pools were i grew up in gillette, wyo were just as packed as in the photo here. it was so much fun. alot of things have change from when we were growing up but one thing still has stayed the same and that is that my kiddos still wait in line for the pool here in Nebraska to open the doors at 1:00 with all their friends. they still have the rest periods where the whistles blow and you must sit our for 15 minutes to give the lifeguards a breather as well as the kids a break. i use to hate getting out of that water for those rest periods but as a mother i love them for my kids.

and for this weekend when we are not pool side we will be headed to grant and oshkosh for more softball and baseball games.

Happy weekend!

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