Friday, June 18, 2010

the lake and the weekend....

two years ago there was no water in this part of the lake. it had dried up and filled with plants, trees, and weeds. last year it began to get water in it but no boats or ski crafts were still allowed.
and this year....well we have more and more water and the other day i saw boats cruising around in it. which means its getting deeper and deeper and soon my jet ski will be able to coast through the waters here. when i first moved here we use to camp around this sign "leave only your footprints please" and you use to be able to swim to this sign, climb on it, and jump off into the cool water. so as you can see we are inching our way to it again. oh boy, oh boy can't wait!

one of the boat docks that use to be closed

another boat dock that use to be closed. (picture from scott)

brooke last year getting ready to tube.
which i go pick up b and b at church camp tomorrow and they
don't know that their cousins are coming to do some more of this.
they will be excited. tired but excited.

brooke and cousin on jet ski last summer.
and this is where you will find us this weekend.

Hope everyone has a happy one!
Happy Father's Day to all you dads.
P.S I'll be missing mine.

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