Saturday, June 5, 2010

life interrupted

sometimes life gets're strolling along and than bad things happen. my daughter turned the BIG 13 on May 29th this year and i missed it. i sat by my fathers hospital bed praying that her birthday would not be the day my dad died. although watching my dad suffer was the hardest thing in the world i hoped he would hold on and he did. my father passed the day after her 13th birthday. no day is a good day to have to say good-bye to your father but i am grateful i had the chance to tell him things i needed to tell him and for him to tell me the things on his heart. shortly after my daughter was born 13 years ago my dad came up with the nickname for his granddaughter....brook trout! and up until his final hours he was saying how much he loved everyone and how proud he was and he referred to brooke as his "brook trout."

brook trout & kendall & cake (we love cake)
two thumbs up

CAKE!! impressive.

her rapping brother brady and his friend colby
what's a birthday without rappers??

movie time.

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