Tuesday, March 6, 2012

i love!

i know many of us have cards from loved ones that are special to us.
the ones that are worth keeping FOREVER!
how neat is this idea above.  (found here)

some of my favorites are the postcards my husband sent while serving in iraq
or from people who sent cards to him while he was over there.

the ones my kids have given me when i was having surgery in the hospital.

wouldn't it be neat to do one of these with all your Christmas cards each year.

i was cleaning and ran across some cards my dad had written to the kids (me) years back.
those are the cards i want to keep forever.
since he has passed.... a journal with all the cards and notes he has sent us to show he cared and loved us would be neat....couldn't think of a better way to display them.

excuse me while i go hunt for all the cards everyone has every sent/gave me....

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