Thursday, March 8, 2012

~fresh foods....

well today is the day. the day that our good friends opened their very own grocery store in gering.
we moved in july to open up our own business and now they have moved to open up theirs.
i hope today was super busy for them.
they are an excellent couple and very good christian friends of ours.
they are about three hours away from us now *sad face*
but i hope to make it there to check things out soon.
wish i could grocery shop there.
we use to play cards almost every weekend with kerri and ben and we would talk about the day
that this would take place.
so happy for them. they are such a blessing and gering is lucky to have them.

here is one of the many funny stories that we shared with them....well sorta.

they came over for the fourth of july two years ago. we were in the front yard lighting fireworks and enjoying ourselves, when i did something really, really, stupid. (i know hard to believe)
i lite some fireworks wrong and burnt their daughters knee. leaving a nice mark.
i felt terrible but they were so good about it.
later that night we played cards and had snacks when Ben accidentally broke one of my glasses.

he turns to me and says "there now we are even"

their daughter showed me her scare and i joked with her that now she has a reminder of me forever.
she laughed and was ever so forgivin'
(i usually like to make a lasting impression in more meaningful ways)

the fourth of july after this we asked if they wanted to come over, but they had other plans. :)

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