Friday, November 11, 2011

~a little organized kitchen help~



i want to do this!!!how many times do we have to dig and dig for the right lid! so simple. wish i could have thought of this idea. a. long. time. ago.

this one makes be smile too. I can do something like this. again makes it easier to find the right item for the job.

we have a new pantry like this. (well, with more mess) i love this idea. i've been looking for wallpaper for the pantry. i'm really not a wallpaper person but i do love this.
starting to clean my pantry out TODAY!

so cute. when you're not using your cake stand for cake, why not do this!
Source: via Julie on Pinterest

i'm buying one or two or three of these. look how much drawer space you'd save if you store this way.

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