Tuesday, November 29, 2011

~as of lately~

  • i've been entertaining my mom who was here from Maine. which made thanksgiving special.
  • made a trip to denver for few days to hang out with my brother and mom before she flew home.
  • learning how to use my iphone:) 
  • trying to plan my son's birthday party coming up this weekend.
  • putting up our christmas tree (finally happened tonight) 
here are a few photos from my iphone:

sneaking up on otis to take a picture of him napping!

me getting caught while sneaking up on him!

our Christmas tree this year!

Santa's elfs (a.k.a brooke, brady, chuck)

can hardly believe it's almost December....yikes!
it is also otis's 1st christmas.
hopefully he is good with the tree.

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