Sunday, November 6, 2011

~brooke panther VB season 11'~

wow VB season seem to come and go rather quickly.
i'm ashamed to say i did not do well with pictures this year.
even though i was able to attend every game this year, i failed to bring the camera
i was just happy to be there!
i did however find these. of brooke.

pumping themselves up before the game.

going pink for breast cancer awareness month!
apparently we didn't get the memo that we were doing white knee pads.
oh well, atleast you can point my kid out easier.
i needed something like this in football to tell which kid was mine.
once they have all their gear on they all look like they could belong to me.

this day brooke started. at first she was struggling getting playing time
(being the "new kid" and all)
but this day she finally started and she was happy!
she said she was going to quit if she didn't play more. and i reminded her we don't quit!

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