Thursday, September 1, 2011

~september brings changes~

"any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." arnold bennett

today is september and tomorrow my last day. it's bittersweet. but mainly sweet. i'm thinking about a part-time job in north platte so i can spend more time attending my kids sports games, activities, and just being there for them.  hope it works out with me just having a part time job. i will miss my job and the people because
  • i have made amazing friendships over the years with some of them
  • they know me and get me when i'm playing around or being serious
  • they have been so supportive when life here.
  • they trust me and believe in me.
  • i hear them say they are going to miss me and i know they mean it.
  • we've shared major cross-my-legs-pant-wetting-giggles.
  • they have been there to help me when i need help. as well as me there for them.
change is hard and exciting all at the same time. we moved about a month ago but i still have felt ogallala as home since i'm here 5 days a week working. but now that my work is changing and i have no reason to come here daily (other then visit old friends from time to time) i still have felt a connection here. but after tomorrow i feel this will change. it saddens me, but i believe i am ready!

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