Saturday, September 10, 2011

~our two and a 1/2 baths~

 i've already shared with you our 1/2 bath across from the laundry room here. it still being the only room that is newly painted and not white. it is great having a third bathroom since we currently have two teenagers and it never fails......THEY ALWAYS NEED TO GO WHEN WE ARE IN THERE. so we feel more then spoiled right now having a third toilet in the house!

 speaking of spoiled. chuck and i have never had a master bath in our room until now. it's great. again we are so enjoying this space. it feels like forever since i've been able to pee alone.  (i know TMI) but seriously if you have kids you know that these moments do not come often. we currently have no blinds or curtains picked out yet for this room (actually for any of the bathrooms) so you'll have to excuse the pillow-case-hand-made-ones in the photo.

this here is the upstairs bathroom in between the kids rooms. Hallelujah!
we'll let them fight over it.
they picked out the shower curtain at target(and the other supplies)
we really need some art work in here though or some photography to hang up.
i'm currently training them how to keep "their" bathroom clean.
i'll let you know how that works out!

so there you have our two and a 1/2 baths!
we are making progress...

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