Thursday, September 8, 2011

~part time=more time~

 i'm hoping since the move and since i picked up a part time job, i'll have more time for kids and their sports and more time for ME. i know as a mom that sometime sounds selfish that i want more "me time" but seriously i feel like i lost myself long ago and i am struggling to find my way back.  i often ask myself "who am i?" and "where did i go?", when i look at myself in the mirror. i've spend so much of my time on my family, (which my family has been a blessing and i love spending my time with them, don't get me wrong)
i lost myself somewhere in between. and even though i posted pictures on healthy weight and how to burn calories i'm meaning this to be so much more then weight. it's about BODY and SPIRIT.  i find when i walk or when i work out my mind is more clearer than ever! so i believe the two go hand in hand. i feel less stress and less short with my loved ones. (and since my hysterectomy, being short with people is something i'm struggling with)

any who, i thought this burn 100 calories right now poster was excellent to get you up and moving and clearing that stressed out mind. i figured it was worth sharing.

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