Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~things that make you go hmmmm?~

  1. why some people drive 50 in a 65 when i'm late for work. (i can't pass as the fog was really really thick on the highway.)
  2. why my new diet plan does not have brownies or ANY sweets listed as possible snacks.
  3. how some people hold on to a grudge way too long. (let it go my friend)
  4. why people ask what you think about something, then argue with you when you state your feelings.
  5. why i feel guilty about putting my kids and family above my work. (shouldn't it be that way)
  6. why i haven't yet made it to the storage unit to get more boxes to unpack. (they won't unpack themselves)
  7. why i feel anxiety about the kids starting a new school on thursday when they seem perfectly fine with the idea. (at least they seem to be doing fine. i may ask them again if they are fine with it)
  8. find it ironic that an adult bullies another adult on a status about kids taking bullies under their wings this school year. do we not grow up, when we grow up!
  9. what church to make our church home.
  10. why everyone is so different but i know everyone has done this at some point at night.
(i feel the boogie man is under my bed and will touch my leg is my reasoning.)

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