Wednesday, August 3, 2011

~i can do this with my eyes closed~

 i find it frustrating that in a lot of pictures i have trouble keeping my eyes open.
i know this seems kinda really weird to post about but i feel something is wrong with me.
it should be easy. smile. say cheese. and wa-lah!
since the move i've run across family photos and have taken a few minutes to go over them.
in those minutes i've noticed
  1. my kids are growing fast
  2. my husband and i have both filled out a little
  3. i need to spend more time taking photos (i mean really good family ones of the 4 of us plus 1 dog
  4. we need more vacation photos. which means we need to take more trips
(i'm going to start checking and making sure they are open before we say good enough
i feel sorry for the photographer who has to be patient with me)

in our defense the sun was in our eyes.
but in looking through photo after photo it didn't seem to matter either way.
with or without sun i have problems.
i'm going to start with my eyes closed than on the count of 3 i'm going to open
(hopefully that will help)

see. only the moon out this night and still issues.
must of been a full moon.

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