Thursday, August 18, 2011

~day one~

well today was the day the kids start a new adventure. new school. new friends. new town. new surroundings. i'd say they are doing pretty well with the new things being thrown in their world.
brooke is officially a HIGH SCHOOLER....(i don't know how it happened so quick)
brady is in 7th grade. (which is crazy as well since he is my baby)
they both are so much alike but yet so different.
both have wonderful sense of humors.

this first picture was today as we were leaving. i say OK real quick (because i was running late already on the first day) let me get a picture. they both set down and do this pose
they think alike so much.

then i talked them into a normal one like this.:)

the day went really well for them.

P.S. we will ignore the fact that they both forgot the signed papers they were suppose to turn in today. it's going to be a long year.

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