Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~our kitchen to be~

just a sneak peak into our kitchen to be.
 we close on our home on August 1st.
then august 2nd we close on the new home in north platte.
every things new, every things white, every things plain.
i plan to get busy with painting and fixing this place up so it feels like home(as time permits)
we need to shop for appliances as you can see but plan to get that done soon too.

we will have to update you with photos when we are in.
but for now this is the kitchen. we thank everyone who has prayed for the quick sell of ours
and a less stressful move. we realize God is blessing this move since our home sold so quick.
others are sitting for years and we thought this would be the case with ours as well.
so appreciate the prayers. and our move is perfect timing for the kids starting in their new schools, which is huge blessing.

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