Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~i've been thinking....

  1. moving is no fun! especially since the last move was a year ago!
  2. dogs need a lot of attention! i think these days otis is feeling neglected. been forever it seems that i've walked him because of the move.
  3. teenage girls i will never understand. i know i use to be one but i still don't understand how they think, nor do i want to try and understand.
  4. spiced chai tea is so good.
  5. teenage boys need reminded to shower often.
  6. THIS HUMIDITY! it's like a heat wave.  which makes for unhappy movers.
  7. worrying does absolutely no good, but i spend so much time doing it.
  8. my workplace has changed so much and not for the better. i'm thinking i'm unhappy there.
  9. stress does weird things to the body.
  10. sometimes i feel some people are not good for you. that we should just wish them well and move on. its hard to keep trying with people that never see their own faults, wrongs, or hang ups, but seem to always point out yours.
  11. i need to focus on God more than i am!

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