Monday, November 29, 2010

my plate

lately i've been frustrated at how much easier it is for me to put on the lbs....

i know some have said when you hit 30 it's hard to lose weight and easier to gain...
which i have really found truth in that.
i've also notice having a hysterectomy shortly after my 30's isn't helping matters either.
i read that after a hysterectomy most women gain 20 to 30 lbs. Yikes.
with all that being said and with me starting to notice my figure looking more roundish i decided
to get more active. i've join Zumba classes as well as bands class to try and stay moving.
raising two almost teens, my life is busy with their sports and activities that i'm finding it hard
to make important time for myself to stay in shape. as well as cooking healthier meals.
it's hard to cook healthy when you have so much going on.
anyway my mom introduced me to my daily plate online.
it has helped some of her friends to lose or atleast keep track of their calories and activities daily.
i'm hoping it will help me too get rid of a few extra lbs.
now if i can just find the time to go there daily to mark stuff down.
wish me luck.

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