Friday, November 5, 2010

"it's a beautiful night out....

one thing i love about children is the things they say.  I often wonder where they come up with some of these things they say just out of the blue.
my son brady is good great at this. last night went something like this.

chuck and i tuck brady in and then head to bed ourselves. while laying there trying to fall asleep a couple rooms away from brady's room we hear brady say:
"it sure is a beautiful night out"
i roll over and say to chuck
"what did he say"
(knowing very well what he said but was clueless at why he said it, so had to ask chuck to make sure he heard it too)
at this point i'm thinking... did he get out of bed and look out the window or why is he mentioning the nice night.
so chuck and i together yell through the house
And brady again says
"it's a beautiful night we are having.......the stars are out all over my walls"

now chuck and i have lost it. we were giggling so hard at him.

brady has neon stars that fill his ceiling and light up his room in the night
and last night he was looking up at them and in his little world (or room of his own)
he was having a beautiful night as he lay falling asleep under his stars.

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