Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday..and looking forward to the weekend.

Have a party to attend party and i've never been to one like this.  Should be interesting.
CAbi is the name. Take a peek if you'd like HERE.  Then tomorrow headed to our small towns craft fair in hopes to find some Christmas gifts.  Haven't really started Christmas shopping yet and it's starting to make me panic...Even though I know "Christ"mas isn't about all the gifts.
I think the panic is coming from some friends who say they are done shopping and I haven't even given it much thought yet.

The boys are headed out deer hunting again saturday morning (brady shot one of his deers last weekend) and of course my hubby did not have the camera. he did get a not-so-good-shot with his phone that i may post later. Anyway while they do that I will be baking a dessert and salad for church on Sunday as we are having our thanksgiving dinner.  This is always a good time with good food.

So there it is the weekend planned out. (oh yeah I forgot we are putting the tree up) And yes my husband thought I was crazy early on this too by the way.

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