Sunday, April 18, 2010

my birthday and the stress on my boy

this morning i woke up to the sound of my son (age 11) digging in the dryer for something. so i go in the laundry room to find him pulling pants out of the dryer and checking the pockets and stopping and saying "wait was this what i was wearing" i finally asked him what he was doing and he said " nothing" i said well what are you looking for and he said "something"???

i then realized i must have washed something of his again that he forgot to clean the pockets out of before throwing in the hamper. i've washed money, cell phones, important notes from teachers by failing to check jeans of my loved ones. so you'd think i'd learn. seeing the stress on my sons face i decided to help him look in the pockets of the washed jeans until i came across this......(picture below)

i said is this what you're looking for. and sadly he hung his head and said yes

he then raced upstairs and said i'll make u another one.

minutes go by and brady comes back to me with a folded piece of paper like the one below.

turn the page(easy enough)

more (page turning)

and again i felt the need to turn to the next page

turn once more

Happy 33rd birthday mom

ruf, ruf

you made it :)

from: brady

(could the kid get any sweeter)

for once i wish i'd waited to do the laundry

i'd set the pile of clothes aside

so my boy's surprise would of went as planned

without me spoiling it.
don't hurry to do the housework, stop and check the pockets

my daughter's message written on the board

she on the other hand is so honest.


love you to Brooke even if i'm old :)

also was given a gift from a girl in my sunday school class.

her card below with a hair clip she made just for me.

in sunday school today she came in and said

"you're wearing it"
i said "yes i am avery and it's beautiful."

Thank you all for the great birthday!

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