Thursday, April 29, 2010

closing...and moving....again

tomorrow is the big day that we close on the house we are buying!!! this will be our second move this month so it's been a busy April. so we will be closing tomorrow at 9:30 am and then moving..again. at least this time we can unpack everything once we are in. brady started baseball practice the other day and was looking for his baseball glove. my thought was "good luck with finding that out in the garage full of boxes."

plus tomorrow we are sending Brooke Renee to ATF again this year in denver. i went last year as chaperon for many teens and had a blast. Unfortunately with the moving situation i was unable to make the trip with them this year. she heads out tomorrow at noon to return really late on Saturday night. wish them fun there. and when the girl returns she will have a new room to decorate. (so fun for a almost 13 year old)

ATF 2009

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