Friday, April 23, 2010

he skips rope well.....

brady cracked me up at his music concert last night..actually alot of kids cracked me up..
they did so good and our school here knows how to put on a very
good music show!!!!!
but notice my son in this photo (third one in on the top row to the right, with dark hair)
he sits there with his arms crossed on his knee with a bored look.... now look below
ok so i'll start clapping now because the band is playing
(i'm assuming his thoughts now)

ohh...yeah the music is louder now and more funky than before
(are you reading this in him too??)

oh wow! the music is in me, raise the roof
(he's so easy to read)

now he gets himself a jump rope and skips
(He is the tall one in back, still with dark hair)..if this was my daughter her hair would've changed by now:)

me after the show just to show u we are still get rain almost every night
these days! and i happened to get soaked.

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