Monday, December 2, 2013


Well Today my baby is 15! It's hard to believe that the first time I laid my eyes on him was that long ago. We want our kids to grow and get excited when they are the age that they can finally walk, talk, play sports but then a part of us wants them to stay young forever!
Brady with his big sis. He loved his shades even if he put them on upside down. :)
Brady at preschool swinging. He loved growing into a big guy and being able to go to school.
Brady now with his big sis, now a 6' 1" freshmen. Loves ALL sports and plays them all.
So happy God gave me Brady as my son. He has the best sense of humor and attitude towards everything. He's calm when I am not:) He is complete joy to our family. Not sure he still feels the same about school as he once did as a he looks forward to days off from school. Happy 15th Birthday Charles "Brady" Roberts!!!!!! So proud of you.

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