Friday, December 6, 2013's good black

Something I thought I'd never ever try just black. But did and hey it's good. It still does the trick of waking me up. I use to put loads of sugar in it with all the flavored cream and realized how much junk that was daily going into my body just from 1cup! Yuck! I was raised to not take care of myself and now finding out it's a must! A must if you want to feel good. Look good. Have energy (and not the 5 hour energy they sell to you in a bottle) Why do we keep creating an unhealthy way of living. Chemicals and sugar in everything these days and then we wonder why we can't remain focused....I've been introducing new healthy foods that my body just is not use too and after awhile you start craving them. Almost like you crave that hot fudge sundae. Lately I'm craving pumpkin seeds and my coffee black. If the saying "you are what you eat" is right then I must be a pile of sugar:) I need to rid myself of all that. It's unhealthy and it's a sin and it's God's temple that I should be willing/able to take care of. The weather here is -4 degrees. Brrrrr..... Drink that coffee and keep warm. Another positive note is you'll be saving a chunk of change if you rid yourself of the daily drive up to Starbucks. Man are they expensive for a little cup full of sugar.


Anonymous said...

Drinking coffee black is something that I have always thought I might be able to accomplish in like 25 years….
But- maybe a good goal for 2014?? :)
It is really easy to just start dumping in the sugar and cream…..Good challenge for me!

The Roberts said...

It was hard for me to overcome too but now I actually perfer it that way. :) Good luck to you on this challenge. :)