Saturday, January 28, 2012

hello blog world....otis is one! or is he seven?

i'm feeling really bad as i haven't been able to update my blog in like FOREVER!
sorry for that.
i've been busy with work, athome, brady's basketball games and everything else that comes along with motherhood. laundry. meals. sick kids. try to keep the house tidy and failing.
i'll do better.

otis did turn one while i was away.
we threw him a little tiny party to show him we care.
for the most part it went rather well except for the last picture of course.
see you.

 brooke and otis on the way to brady's game thursday night.

him being a "big boy" sitting in seat by himself.
(or spoiled boy)

he makes a good headphone stand!

Jan 22nd a.k.a birthday day!

his party was wild!

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