Sunday, January 1, 2012's a new year!

we have been busy wrapping up 2011 with good food and good friends.
last night we had some friends from ogallala down and they ended up spending the night. it was fun we played games, laughed, shared stories and struggled to stay up for the new year.
and we made it. but was in our beds at 12:01 :) and fast asleep.
it's the pits getting old....

a couple days before, we had some more friends driving through town who asked if we could
meet them for supper, so we headed to ruby tuesdays and again had a fun time.
reuniting with old friends. we sat the kids at their own table so we could talk easier.

so ready to start the new year.
we've had a lot of changes this past year and in the new year i'd like to
find comfort in where we are at now.
we still haven't found a "church home" but hope to soon.
it's something we've been struggling with.
change is hard and not an easy thing to get use to for me.
but i hope to find my place here.

Happy New Year!

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