Saturday, December 10, 2011

~weekend plans~

last night chuck and i had a date night with another couple.
they took us out for his birthday. (which is today)
i keep thinking if i can get through all the birthdays in my house i could concentrate more on Christmas.
man it's a busy time of year for us. not to mention our anniversary is December 21st too
who gets married that close to Christmas?
This am (a.k.a. birthday day) chuck had to head to guards for the weekend.
no rest for the birthday boy i tell ya!
so i decided i will try and stay home and get organized....
is it just me or does being organized make everyone happier and things run much smoother?
lately i've been stressed out of my mind
with everything. and that's not what Christmas season should be about.
so i'm going to work at making it better and more meaningful.
not to mention i was in a car accident two days ago and am feeling a little shock en up from that still...
but i'm going to rebut my mind and "just breathe" and get some things accomplished.
i read this today and it was is very comforting....

In anguish I cried to the Lord; he answered by setting me free. (Psalms118:5)

so this weekend i will work on my attitude and get back up and try again in a more organized fashion.
i ran across these blogs with organization ideas. i thought i'd share in case you are where i am.

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