Sunday, December 18, 2011

~getting ready...~

we are getting ready for Christmas.
how about you?
i cannot believe how fast it has snuck up on us.
another year almost gone.
I love Christmas.
it's hard taking this guy shopping without him getting distracted and falling off course. :)
i mean one minutes he's shopping with you and then the next.....
it's like where did he go?

oh right, there he is. being weird...
following us around the store like this.
he keeps us smiling.

brooke and otis having bonding time.

how comfortable is too comfortable??

the words of the song "so this is Christmas" keep coming to mind.
but it isn't just about the cute kids, the dog, the presents(although blessed with these things)
it's about Christ!
and through the rest of this season and the next year coming i MUST focus on that!

I heard a song the other day after dropping the kids off at school.

Jesus Freak.

People say i'm strange, does it make me a stranger.
That my best friend was born in a manger.

wouldn't it be nice if we all became a freak like this!

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